Prof. Dr. Rasheda Akhtar

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MSS in Sociology, PhD

Prof. Dr. Rasheda Akhtar, MSS in Sociology, PhD
Senior Consultant, Institute of Social Business,
Professor, Department of Anthropology, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. Rasheda is specialized on Teaching, Research, Training and Development of Strategy. “Ethnic and Socio-economic background of Tea plantation workers’’ sponsored by Winrock International; “A study of flood perception of selected households” sponsored by War and Want; “The cultural context of condom use in Bangladesh” sponsored by Family Health International, USA; “The impact of Development Interventions on Women and their Changing Role: A Study of Selected Households”, sponsored by Human Resource Development Center (HRDC), Jahangirnagar University. Savar, Dhaka; “NGOs Under Attack : A Study of Socio-cultural and political Dynamics in Bangladesh’’ sponsored by PACT Bangladesh; “Vulnerability and Survival Strategies of the river bank eroded women in Harirumpur: An Anthropological Study in a village’’ sponsored by Grameen Trust. Mirpur, Dhaka; “VGD IES Round Two Study of women participated during 1994/96 period”, sponsored by world Food Program, Dhaka; “Women and herself Image: Women’s Perception about themselves – A Study on Bangladesh Village’’ sponsored by Human Resource Development Center, Savar, Dhaka; Cultural Construction of Reproductive Health of Pregnant and Lactating Mother: An anthropological study sponsored by Ford Foundation, Department of Anthropology, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka; Conceptualization of Early Marriage and Social Analysis: Context Rural Society, sponsored by Social Science Faculty, Jahangirnagar University. Savar. Dhaka; and Commercialization of Organ Transplantation: Case Kidney Business, funded by University Grand Comission. Dhaka are key research of her. More than 35 papers of Dr. Rasheda have been published in different journals and others publications. Moreover Dr. Rasheda presented her research paper in different forum.