Prof. Dr. Shawkat Ara Shakoor

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Prof. Dr. Shawkat Ara Shakoor, MBBS, MSc in Community Eye Health, MS Ophth
Senior Consultant, Institute of Social Business,
Professor, Community Ophthalmology, National Institute of Ophthalmology, Agargaon , Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. Shawkat Ara is skilled on teaching, training, evaluation and advocacy. School vision testing in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Operational research study to assess the need and uptake of spectacle provision in children aged 9 – 13 years; Comparative study of Refractive error between urban and rural school children in Bangladesh; Prevalence of Refractive Error in children of Bangladesh: A community based study. 2011; National Blindness survey in Bangladeshi adults; evaluate the existing Cataract surgical program through Demand Side Financing (DSF) by ORBIS in Manikgonj; final evaluation of the Bangladesh District eye Care Project by FHF; final evaluation of Char project of ORBIS were the major studies of her. She was also key resource person of Counseling training for eye care personnel personnels by SightSavers-Bangladesh; and counseling training in eye care for the nurses of NIO jointly organized by SS-Bangladesh office and the department of community Ophthalmology, NIO. Dr. Shawkat Ara also involved in the preparation of ‘Counseling manual on eye Care’ jointly by Sightsavers and National eye Care.